CustomerGauge launches a public starred review site driven by Net Promoter® responses

A simple way of adding reviews to your loyalty measurement solution.

Summary is the first ever free site that pairs the feedback received through NPS surveys with a publicly available customer review site. No longer do customers have to go out of their way to leave reviews, with this new feature they can easily opt to have their feedback and NPS scores published publicly. What better way to advertise than through your own customers.

CustomerGauge has released a groundbreaking customer review site. Utilizing the feedback received from NPS surveys, it allows for the publication of transparent and open reviews from customers.

Reviews.CustomerGauge provides a simple unified workflow system between itself and NPS. With this new site a company’s NPS system and public review page, need not be two separate endeavors, but instead the former can feed the latter.

CustomerGauge’s surveys having an active engagement around 35%. Their new integrated customer review site then, not only opens up opportunities to create public review pages with high levels of B2C feedback but also creates a revolutionary new sphere of B2B feedback.

Instead of pursuing customers to leave comments or reviews at very low success rates, this new function from CustomerGauge means customers at the end of their NPS survey can choose to publish their NPS score and comments by simply ticking a check box. It couldn’t be easier to collect publishable feedback.

Why waste both your time and your customer’s by asking them to leave new feedback when a wealth of responses lay right in front of you?

Features and functionality of

  • Customers can opt to publish their reviews from the survey. This will publish their NPS score, the NPS converted to a 5-point star rating scale and comment, all in real time to the public review site.
  • Each company’s total NPS score, averaged rating and 5-point star rating will be presented within the review page based on all customer responses (not just reviews published).
  • Review pages will be indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo and appear as reviews inside search results, along with the 5-point star rating. Improving a company’s SEO capabilities.
  • The Review Manager inside CustomerGauge’s application allows quick access to all reviews.
    • Companies may comment on reviews.
    • Block offensive reviews with a short statement published as to why a review was blocked.
  • Companies can embed a linkable rating widget showing the latest summary of their NPS, averaged rating and 5-point star rating, on their own site or other digital outlets.

This one of a kind NPS review site is a free, easy to setup addition for new or existing CustomerGauge users: There are no hidden or additional costs and it is completely ad free.

Easy, transparent and engaging, allows companies to effortlessly spread the word about their product or service, because who better to talk about the quality of your company than other customers.

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Download PDF
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