CustomerGauge Releases Enhancement to Industry-Leading Native Salesforce Integration

CustomerGauge, creator of the Account Experience™ category maximizing retention and growth for B2B companies, today announced the latest application enhancement to its native integration with Salesforce, the global leader of CRM. This advancement is designed to assist global enterprises with complex organizational structures, customer journeys or multiple Salesforce feeder systems to have greater control over the feedback data that is pushed back to their Salesforce systems.

In July 2019, CustomerGauge launched its breakthrough two-way native integration for Salesforce that provided an easy to use interface for Salesforce administrators to write queries in Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) to pull and push data to CustomerGauge. This new advancement expands that capability with a powerful multi-object push-pull filter option that comes with an easy to use interface in CustomerGauge for Salesforce administrators to write push back queries.

Salesforce administrators now have the power to:

-Setup multi-object data flows per touchpoint or customer journey.

-Be in control of the data that is pushed back to Salesforce and when, push back all feedback data, push back only certain segments of feedback data etc.

-Create object-level rules to trigger workflows in Salesforce based on feedback data pushed back.

-Ensure that the data is pushed back to the correct Salesforce system from CustomerGauge in the case of multiple Salesforce feeder systems to one CustomerGauge system.

-Tweak/Change the data flow process as the organization evolves.

“While our previous Salesforce integration was already powerful, our customers really pushed us to take the next step in our integration journey with the most popular CRM in the world,” says David Barber, Director of Customer Success at CustomerGauge. "Salesforce systems can vary widely from customer to customer and even between markets. Now with CustomerGauge's new multi-object and multi-filter two-way integration, their data flow can cover every customer journey use case.”

This out of the box functionality comes standard as part of every CustomerGauge system.

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About CustomerGauge

Built from the ground up to cater to the more complex B2B business environment, the CustomerGauge Account Experience™ solution excels at collecting feedback and signals at the account-level and distributing this information in real-time to front-line employees so businesses can proactively retain and grow accounts faster. Account Experience also takes the guesswork out of the experience ROI equation by linking all account metrics and sentiment directly to revenue, in turn, maximizing buy-in from the c-suite ensuring long-term program success and cultural transformation.

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About CustomerGauge

CustomerGauge is a software-as-a-service platform that helps clients improve and monetize their B2B Account Experience. The system automatically measures and analyzes feedback, reduces churn through close-loop tools, and helps retain accounts. Results are published and analyzed in real-time, using a highly customizable reporting tool, making it ideal for businesses—from fast-growing SaaS companies to global enterprises. For more information, visit