CustomerGauge Unveils Industry-Leading Toolset to Track & Improve Survey Deliverability

CustomerGauge, creator of the Account Experience™ category maximizing retention and growth for B2B companies, today announced its industry-leading Data Transport Report offering unparalleled insights into their Email/SMS survey invitation deliveries across multiple touchpoints to better track customer drop-off through the experience funnel.

Decoding Data Quality IssuesData failure and overall quality are some of the largest issues facing B2B companies trying to collect Account Experience data across touchpoints. With multiple data sources like CRMs, Marketing Automation, and Support systems— data consistency and quality can become a major pain point, specifically in B2B.

Now with CustomerGauge’s advanced Data Transport Report program owners, account managers or data specialists can easily track both Email & SMS delivery and errors in real-time right from their dashboards to ensure bad data quality is not preventing the collection vital customer feedback.

This enhanced capability provides:

A high-level overview of the data uploaded and where it is in the funnelGranular insights including 25 new error buckets to act on data failures such as bounces, landline numbers, absent subscriber or incorrectly configured campaigns, etc.Click-through capabilities to view the contacts in each of the bucketsNet Response % based on what was delivered to the customerAnd a real-time trend of your performance over time

"Our customers asked for more granular reporting on survey and SMS deliveries," says Trishaala Chengappa, VP of Product at CustomerGauge. "We're now proud to call our newly released deliverability functionality and reporting the most advanced on the market."

Advanced deliverability tracking benefits companies and programs of all sizes whether it be a single campaign or tracking hundreds of automated surveys across multiple touchpoints, languages, and mediums.

About CustomerGauge

Built from the ground up to cater to the more complex B2B business environment, the CustomerGauge Account Experience™ solution excels at collecting feedback and signals at the account-level and distributing this information in real-time to front-line employees so businesses can proactively retain and grow accounts faster. Account Experience also takes the guesswork out of the experience ROI equation by directly linking all account metrics and sentiment directly to revenue, in turn, maximizing buy-in from the c-suite ensuring long-term program success and cultural transformation.

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About CustomerGauge

CustomerGauge is a software-as-a-service platform that helps clients improve and monetize their B2B Account Experience. The system automatically measures and analyzes feedback, reduces churn through close-loop tools, and helps retain accounts. Results are published and analyzed in real-time, using a highly customizable reporting tool, making it ideal for businesses—from fast-growing SaaS companies to global enterprises. For more information, visit