CustomerGauge launches Recommendi 2.0 and introduces an iPad app for Net Promoter®

Taking feedback to the store floor.

CustomerGauge is introducing a new version of their free small business customer experience solution;

CustomerGauge is introducing a new version of their free customer experience solution for small business;

Recommendi is a Net Promoter System℠ Solution for companies looking to take their first steps into the world of customer experience.

Using the one question approach of NPS (“how likely are you to recommend”) and a single comment box, Recommendi is ideal for understanding one of the most crucial aspects of business; the loyalty of customers. While the short survey approach of Recommendi, means response rates are markedly higher than other market research surveys and interpreting the results needs no training at all.

Collecting results has been enhanced by allowing the distribution of the survey through a free iPad kiosk app. As a result companies are no longer restricted to chasing down customers online but can actively engage with their customers in person, say for example on the store floor moments after purchase.

Providing companies with a single overall NPS score and the ability to see the individual feedback of customers. These two properties work in harmony by allowing one to define at risk customers, address such customers in real-time and finally track the results of such efforts through an overall NPS score.

Features include:

  • Native iOS kiosk app for optional instore feedback.
  • Ready made survey pages for desktop and mobile browsers, pre-filled with best-practice questions from marketing experts.
  • Unique Recommendi code (based on QR-Code) for you to use.
  • Unique short code and URL for you to share with customers.
  • Track your scores by custom period in feedback dashboard.
  • Export comments and scores to a spreadsheet.
  • Segment users by group or identify them individually using email.

With the basic version of Recommendi being completely free, and as quick to begin as simply adding a company name or installing an app on an iPad, it serves as the ideal tool for small companies who wish to explore what measuring customer experience and the Net Promoter System has to offer.

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