CX Market Shift—Introducing Account Experience for the B2B Enterprise

In their latest groundbreaking publication, CustomerGauge offers a new path forward for B2B enterprises struggling to define a customer experience strategy in an account-based world.

 Boston, MA—During their Monetize! Amsterdam event, CustomerGauge, a leading SaaS provider of experience management solutions, announced the release of their first in a series of up-and-coming research and publications on B2B CX: Account Experience: How to Monetize Accounts, Grow Revenue and Deliver Exceptional Experiences in the B2B Economy.

As part of their research, CustomerGauge took a deep dive into the customer experience technology and services marketplace to determine whether the current practices and available technologies were serving Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) models equally. The results were startling. 


Not only were many CX best practices isolated to single-contact experiences—i.e., B2C business models—but many B2B-related industries outside the technology space were being left behind in the CX market shift. 


Further evidence from Accenture found that while 90% of B2B leaders believe that CX is a crucial business priority, only 72% of B2B leaders thought they had any influence on the direction of their company’s CX. 


“B2B companies understand what’s at risk with an out-of-touch customer experience strategy. But few B2B enterprises feel they have the CX tools available to them to manage and monetize those experiences in a meaningful way. My co-author, Adam Dorrell, said it best in the book’s foreword: B2B companies are often resorting to ‘Frankenstein solutions’—or a collection of different CX tools haphazardly pulled together—to meet their business needs.”

Ian Luck, co-author & Director of Marketing at CustomerGauge

Recognizing this gap in the marketplace, CustomerGauge’s latest eBook offers specific, tactical steps on how B2B enterprises can transform and monetize their account experiences. The publication not only introduces how emerging technologies can manage the multi-contact complexities of the B2B customer journey, but also offers best practices for churn mitigation in a business model where one customer can equal a million dollar account. 


The book also walks through how B2B enterprises can utilize the Account Experience methodology to: 

  • Better retain high-touch, enterprise accounts
  • Monetize accounts via up-sell, cross-sell and referral campaigns to drive significant revenue gains
  • Predict account churn before it happens
  • Create a stellar employee experience to drive exceptional AX
  • And more


For more information on the book, and to receive your own free copy, go to


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