CustomerGauge Unveils World's First Net Promoter® Monetize & Retention Suite

CustomerGauge, a software-as-a-service platform that helps clients improve retention using Customer Success and Net Promoter® technology, is changing the retention and customer experience industry with the world’s first dedicated Net Promoter Monetize & Retention Suite.

May 15th, Boston - At the Monetize! 2018 event in Boston, CustomerGauge announced the launch of their groundbreaking new product suite that will change the way companies monetize and retain their customers. With these new features, ROI is no longer a guessing game in NPS®. Companies can now leverage their Net Promoter® investment to better understand program ROI, determine the dollar impact of a single increase in NPS, and empower account managers further with innovative tools to rescue and retain customers.

Customers have asked us for a single system to link their revenue outcomes with Net Promoter—and we are answering this need with our new Monetize suite. No other vendor has the depth of experience in Net Promoter that CustomerGauge provides and we believe this is a breakthrough moment that empowers program managers.” - Adam Dorrell, CEO CustomerGauge

Since 2016, CustomerGauge has promoted their Monetized Net Promoter model and product features as a way towards improving the connection between ROI and NPS. This new product launch solidifies the best practices and teachings of Monetized NPS into a rich set of capabilities capable of taking monetization to the next level.

During Monetize! 2018, attendees got an industry first-hand look at CustomerGauge’s new Net Promoter Monetize Suite which will transform how companies generate ROI and growth through their customer experience efforts. This wealth of features will allow companies to estimate the financial impact of moving customers from one loyalty segment to another, determine what percentage of customers contribute to the majority of business revenue, provide a new way to calculate how touch points impact Net Promoter and revenue, and so much more. One of the highlights during the Monetize! 2018 event was the unveiling of CustomerGauge’s NPS Revenue Simulator, a feature that seeks to solve the enigma question: “What does 1 NPS point increase mean in $ dollars?


In addition to these game-changing features, CustomerGauge also revealed enhanced capabilities within their Retention Suite, which will allow companies to track retention over time, gain insight into account history to track areas for increased gains and at-risk customers, etc.

When we first started working on our monetize and retention features we asked ourselves: ‘How can we provide more insight into both the financial impact of Net Promoter and CX programs, while also providing a preliminary alert system that can let companies know what relationships and account revenue is under threat.’ With the Net Promoter Monetize & Retention Suite we aim to achieve just that!” - Trishaala Chengappa, Director of Product Management, CustomerGauge

Along with showcasing these innovative new features, this year’s Monetize! 2018 event was also the center stage for top leaders in the fields customer experience and Net Promoter. Speakers included world-renowned co-inventor of the Net Promoter Score® and author of “Answering the Ultimate Question,” Laura Brooks, CX expert Maxie Schmidt of Forrester, former CEO of Black Duck Lou Shipley, and so many more.

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