CustomerGauge Unveils Best-in-Class Net Promoter® Reporting Suite

Leading Net Promoter® provider advances science of NPS with cutting-edge retention and Monetized Net Promoter features on mobile-optimized platform

Amsterdam, Netherlands — February 2017

CustomerGauge is excited to announce the release 4.0 of their Net Promoter platform, which introduces never-before-seen retention features to the NPS® marketplace.

The new release announces a number of groundbreaking capabilities, including:

  • Customizable KPI Dashboard: Now any user can create their own dashboards with over 30 widgets. Enterprises can display any number of their most important Net Promoter program KPIs on a single, responsive CustomerGauge page. By adding in target KPIs, businesses can track performance against Net Promoter targets and meet targets—all on one place.
  • Role-Based Dashboard: Not all users should be seeing the same information. CustomerGauge gives enterprises fine-grain control of who should see what, and have a completely personalized experience for the user. This helps boost productivity and performance using role-based dashboards that tailor the CustomerGauge platform to every business role—from frontline employees to C-suite executives.
  • Retention Dashboard: Retention is no longer a fuzzy benefit in the Net Promoter realm. For the first-time ever, clients can now combine real-time NPS with retention data using the revolutionary Monetized Net Promoter Dashboard® to track customers at risk, customers that can grow, reasons for dissatisfaction, and what it takes to keep customers from leaving.

“This is our biggest update to CustomerGauge in the last few years,” comments VP of Product Management, Jørgen Bo Christensen. “We listened intently to hundreds of customers to understand how they used customer feedback, and how they shared Net Promoter information around their company. This new release offers retention features that will allow customers to easily track and predict churn—something we call “Monetized Net Promoter”. This goes far beyond what our competitors are currently doing when it comes to tying revenue to Net Promoter.”

Devoted to customer-centricity, CustomerGauge used its own solution to listen to clients and implemented their ideas and requests into the latest release. David Apple of Legacy ER, a client of CustomerGauge, has found the upgrades to be an advantage to their bottom line “The 4.0 platform with its responsive nature will be a game-changer for us. 97% of our staff access CustomerGauge 24-hours a day from a mobile device.  Usability will greatly improve as well as efficiency.”

CustomerGauge has been helping clients retain customers and improve customer experience since 2007. Their real-time system automatically measures and analyzes feedback, reduces churn through enhanced close-loop tools, and helps retain customers using the industry-standard metric Net Promoter System®.

To learn more about the newest release, retention and CX features, or to book an interview, contact Sarah Frazier at 1-844-211-3932/, or visit

About CustomerGauge

CustomerGauge is a software-as-a-service platform that helps clients improve and monetize their B2B Account Experience. The system automatically measures and analyzes feedback, reduces churn through close-loop tools, and helps retain accounts. Results are published and analyzed in real-time, using a highly customizable reporting tool, making it ideal for businesses—from fast-growing SaaS companies to global enterprises. For more information, visit