Boost your customer retention with the new CustomerGauge - Freshdesk integration

Customer feedback that gives customer support the power to retain customers longer

The new CustomerGauge integration for Freshdesk helps companies keep customers longer. By putting easy to understand customer feedback in the hands of customer support teams, companies can take action and resolve customer issues immediately.

As of today, Freshdesk users can integrate CustomerGauge’s customer retention platform right into the heart of their customer support. With CustomerGauge, companies can gain real-time loyalty insights to proactively address problems and create happier customers that remain loyal longer.

A leading provider of customer retention solutions, CustomerGauge uses the standard for customer surveys: the Net Promoter® System (NPS). Based on just a simple two-minute, two-question survey; companies can measure how loyal customers are, understand why, and turn this feedback into action.

Using CustomerGauge, companies can automatically prompt customers for feedback at regular points along their customer journey. This gives dissatisfied customers the opportunity to post opinions and gives companies a chance to actively reach out and save customers. The CustomerGauge platform is the perfect fit for companies with the existing customer relation skills and resources of customer support.

CustomerGauge’s NPS surveys create feedback that is simple to understand and can be quickly turned into action. With the ability to act on feedback instantly, support staff can reach out to customers and find solutions to their issues. For simply following up customer feedback, research has shown that you can resolve up to 60% of such issues.

The new CustomerGauge integration puts customer feedback right at the core of your customer relations.

  • Survey contacts easily from within CustomerGauge.
  • Results automatically and quickly feed into Freshdesk with a follow-up status, to help employees rescue at risk customers.
  • Set criteria for which a survey response will be opened as a new ticket (e.g. all responses or maybe just scores 0 to 6).
  • Set ticket priority based on score.
  • Respond to customers immediately, by having tickets automatically assigned to support staff based on response.
  • View previous survey results and lodged tickets from customers while handling current support tickets.

The CustomerGauge platform itself gives users the option to go one step deeper. With the ability to collate an NPS score, filter scores by segments or hierarchy, carry out real-time analytics, create automated personalized reporting, track and resolve issues using a workflow, and have customer feedback published on a company branded review site.

With the new CustomerGauge - Freshdesk Integration it is now possible to put loyalty data directly into your customer support. Learning what your customers think of you is the first step to improvement, but what’s really important is putting it into action. With CustomerGauge and Freshdesk, companies can uncover customer loyalty and take action to save at risk customers.

To learn more about integrating CustomerGauge into Freshdesk just click here.

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