CustomerGauge Enables Organisations to Keep Customer Promises On Time with One-Touch Firefighting


CustomerGauge, the customer feedback and analytics Software-as-a-Service based on the Net Promoter® System, has launched a new feature called One-Touch Firefighting that enables users to be alerted to and manage workflow status from a mobile device. The functionality gives new capabilities to customer-focused enterprises, and the ability to resolve customer issues within minutes rather than days.

"Closing the loop is a crucial part of implementing a successful Net Promoter System, and leading organisations use a time-elapsed metric by measuring how long it takes to resolve issues with customers," said Adam Dorrell, CEO, CustomerGauge. "One-Touch Firefighting improves internal accountability by making workflow accessible to CustomerGauge users no matter where they are or what they are doing."

One-Touch Firefighting has a rules-based system to prioritise alerts and direct them to the right person in the organisation. It alerts users such as account managers or key executives on their mobile device, giving all the details of the case necessary to make initial customer contact. After contacting the customer, the user can simply touch one button to mark the new status of the case, or close it directly. One-Touch Firefighting is designed to work simply and effectively with zero or minimal training.

"According to our own research, organisations that make the effort to follow up on customer issues record an average Net Promoter Score up to eleven points higher than those that do not," said Adam Dorrell. "As part of our mission to provide our clients with the full suite of tools they need to keep promises to customers on time, every time, One-Touch Firefighting is a powerful complement to the standard CustomerGauge Firefighting tool."

Read more about One-Touch Firefighting here.

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About CustomerGauge Firefighting
The CustomerGauge Firefighting tool is a powerful feature used by B2B and B2C organisations such as Nilfisk-Advance and Kuoni to close the loop with customers. It can be configured to open a case automatically under a range of circumstances, including if the customer requests follow up via a "Please contact me" box on the survey, or gives a Net Promoter Score in a pre-defined range. Once a case is opened, a workflow box is used to manage the follow-up process, which includes a place to record comments and information about the case, and status options including Open, In-progress and Closed. Users can create rule-based workflow to route responses to the right person in the organisation.

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About CustomerGauge

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