Calling All NPS® Enthusiasts—CustomerGauge Launches First Open Source Net Promoter® Benchmarking Community

Industry-leading Net Promoter software provider, CustomerGauge, releases first open Net Promoter benchmarking community.

CustomerGauge is proud to announce the launch of v2.0, the world's first open source community for NPS®!

Once a database for entering scores, CustomerGauge has announced the all-new v2.0—the world’s first open source community for NPS® benchmark scores, best practices, and thought leadership.

This latest update offers a never before seen, free-to-use open community:

  • Add and Search Scores
    By submitting their own Net Promoter Score®, companies will join a growing community of 2,000+ brands, with some of the world’s most customer-centric businesses including Apple NPS, Tesla NPS, Ford NPS, IBM NPS, Amazon NPS, KLM NPS, TripAdvisor NPS, Google NPS, eBay NPS, and many more. Users can search any company’s NPS profile which includes their score, products, revenue, website, etc.
  • Compare Industries and Rankings
    Companies can now see how their NPS rank stacks up against the competition within their industry, which they can then use to set targets within their NPS program.
  • See What Everyone’s Talking About on the Benchmark Blog
    Stay up-to-date on the latest Net Promoter news and industry trends with the blog. Community members can join the discussion and chat on all NPS-related topics, benchmarks, and current best practices.
  • Free Access to the Official NPS Benchmark Reports
    In partnership with CustomerGauge, publishes the official yearly benchmark reports based on survey responses from top-performing brands using NPS—which can be accessed free of charge.
  • Sign-up for Updates and Best Practices
    Never miss out—members can stay on top of the latest thought leadership and Net Promoter discussions by signing up for the weekly newsletters. collects and publishes publicly available Net Promoter Scores from industries all across the globe, helps verify them and provides guidance on how to present scores in the most transparent way. With one of the largest databases of Net Promoter Scores in the world, provides a space for business leaders to learn from titans of the industry, compare themselves to competitors, track overall industry trends and share their own Net Promoter Score. The latest update was done in coordination with the web design agency, Bonfire Studios, based in Andover, MA.

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